DIVERSIFY YO BONDS *Wutang Member Voice*

I recently turned in a 10 song package for a music library owner I met in LA. Its basically an album of licensing music composed of hiphop, pop, and urban/pop tracks. One of my goals is to have my own music library to sell so I was really excited to have the opportunity. Ive had some music placements in the past but this was different. Now instead of me laying vocals on an already composed song, I was in charge of creating them from scratch. Im a hiphop artist at heart. A very stubborn one. Ive been fortunate enough to be able to say exactly what I want without making songs for what I believe people want to hear and still garner some attention if that makes any sense. I never said ‘ok let me make a party song’ or ‘ok this song is for the ladies.’ I just did what I felt.

Now I was in a position where Im no longer making music for myself. I had to put together songs that fit the TV/Movie world and satisfied clients. And me saying “im flippin ounces and fuckin bitches, shoutout to my niggas” just didnt work like I was accustomed to. It might if I was an already established artist like a Ross or Jayz. But Im still in the mix of the scuffle so my music had to fit requirements. I was now making music to compliment a visual. The music was important but it couldnt take away from what people were seeing. It had to help the visual flow. 

Shit was kinda difficult at first. Not in the sense that I couldnt make these types of songs, but in the sense that it kind of went against why I started making music in the first place. I now had to think about the people who didnt care about rap music or what I represented. I was making songs that might be heard by old white people who didnt care about my cousin getting out of jail or my ambition to be a leader for my team. A musician friend of mine put it to me like this: You are making music for some ppl who never been to the hood. But some of the music youre making has to take them there. But you cant take them there fully. They want to be driven to the hood but they dont want to get out and actually walk around.

I thought that was pretty funny but anyway…. But in doing these songs, and listening to all kinds of different genres from folk to grunge, I began developing songwriting skills and sound distinctions without realizing it. Skills and perspectives that I could use in the music I make as PROPH.

I turned the package in w/o too many revisions coming back. And I was also forced to learn more about contract writing since I had to draft them up for the producers to sign. Very glad that my lil sis Kori just graduated w a law degree and looked out for me because having someone draft a contract for you is fucking expensive!! Basic contracts are like a stack! SHIT! Aint nobody got time for that! *housefire viral video lady voice*

It took me about 6 months to finish but Im thankful to have had the opportunity and will continue to take on ventures like this. I hope the skills and work I did will become apparent in the new music I got coming. Look out for it sometime in March or April. But thats all I got for now. If something else comes up or takes place Ill try to put it up here again. Until then…LOVE!



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